Can you believe that we have (almost) found a way to teleport?

Qlick is a Swedish based company that will disrupt the transportation industry by making it: green, fast and on your phone. It's not teleportation, but almost.

Look, let us be straight and frank with you, we are not intending to reinvent the wheel, just to make it better. How? Simply by changing the way we are consuming and commuting in our lovely city. 

How it works

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Eco-friendly delivery


It's not only about saving the planet, it's also about being responsible in the way we live. This is why we have invested in emission free electric scooters, because we care about you and the planet!


In just one tap on your phone, you can get anything delivered within your city as long as it fits in our top case! It's not teleportation, but almost! So what are you waiting for?


Since we are obliged to ensure that every package is delivered to the right person, we have created a QR-scanning system in order to make sure that the right person receives the package. You can follow the delivery live on your phone and you will receive an automatic receipt when the delivery is completed.


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